Draped in Crepe


What’s an easy way to identify what’s in this season? Think feminine and flirty! Pretty prints, ruffles, lace- the works. Which naturally leads us to crepe. It is a quintessentially feminine fabric in how flowy it is and the wonderful way it drapes around the feminine form.  It’s no surprise that crepe is very on-trend this season.


Interestingly, crepe refers to the technique employed during the creation of the fabric rather than the fabric itself. The word crepe comes from the French word for crimped. It is a crinkled, wispy and lightweight material, popular for clothing that needs flounce and flair. It is the result of a technique called tight weaving. Crepes can be made from a variety of fabrics such as wool, silk, cotton, georgette, satin or polyester. Despite how luxurious it looks, crepe is a low maintenance and inexpensive fabric, not prone to creases.In our book, it’s a winner for this reason alone. But there’s also the fact that it looks so feminine and just plain beautiful. If you need more reasons to embrace this trend, look no further. It looks very elegant because of how imminently drapable and lightweight it is. And we saved the best for last- it gives a fabulous slimming effect when you wear it.Who can forget Selena Gomez in her impeccable white crepe Vera Wang gown last year?

We were first introduced to crepe in the mid 1800s during the Victorian era, and at time it was actually used for making clothes for widows. Itdidn’t take long however, for it to cross over into mainstream women’s fashion.Crepe is in vogue now, and naturally and we’re loving it in all its avatars. From flirty tops, to flouncy skirts and feminine dresses- it’s a fabulous look for all women.


We saw crepe on everyone in the 2000s and it’s still going strong now. Everyone from Marc Jacobs, Ralf & Russo to GiambattistaValli is doing their glamorous versions of crepe. Charlize Theron in her gorgeous red crepe Dior Haute Couture gown really had us drooling. That look earned a green light on thered carpet from us for sure!So if you’re looking for sexy party dresses, we recommend you go the crepe route. Maybe dresses aren’t your style? You can even incorporate this fabric into your look via flowy, silk crepe trousers. They look beautiful teamed with another hot look of the season- crop tops.

(TFTPTS0000117) is just the right blend of feminine and fun-to-wear on your next coffee date with your friends. We love the cheerful colors and prints used in this lovely draped top.


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